About the project

The project is situated in the current scenario of the COVID-19 pandemic, in relation to its impact on the educational systems and on teaching practices. The distance learning model became the only possible solution and digital learning resources played a central role in allowing schools to guarantee educational continuity. This paradigmatic shift brought a deep reflection on both the infrastructural tools and the required professional skills to deliver high quality distance learning.

Within this complex context, the fundamental need of providing teachers with effective and suitable tools to strengthen their digital competences has been detected. ‘Filling the Gap: Open Educational Resources for supporting teachers in distance learning’ would like to respond to this need by developing two intellectual outputs: a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Distance Learning and a Distance Learning Activities Kit (DLAK). Both outputs will be digital, inclusive, practical, transnational, accessible and freely available, expandable and sustainable after the project ending.

The MOOC on Distance Learning, a comprehensive training course, provides teachers with knowledge and skills on innovative methodologies to plan and evaluate didactic activities in distance learning and on the available OER to apply these methods, keeping a focus on inclusion of all students and on respect for teachers’ and students’ wellbeing in distance learning. The acquired skills are certificated through the innovative system of the Open Badges and successful completion of a course is rewarded with an official certificate.

The Distance Learning Activities Kit (DLAK), a web-based collection of distance and blended learning activities, covers all the curricular teaching subjects, starting from those transversal to all secondary schools paths. They are structured by age ranges, taking into account individual learning needs. The Kit combines practical contents with methodological indications in order to provide teachers with a comprehensive tool.


Our goal

The project aims to pursue the following objectives: