‘Filling the Gap: OER for supporting teachers in distance learning’ is a project coordinated by Irecoop Emilia-Romagna. The partnership is composed of four secondary schools (LICEO FANTI, PLATON, BERNARDIN FRANKOPAN and COLEGIO HUERTA SANTA ANA), one cooperative VET centre (IRECOOP), one digital and educational services cooperative (ARCHILABÒ) and one University College (UCLL), sharing specific expertise on inclusive practices.



Irecoop Emilia Romagna is the VET Centre of Confcooperative Emilia-Romagna created to meet the training needs of the regional cooperative system, be a tool for the development of new skills and for the innovation of the local productive background, develop and promote the cooperative culture, support people professional growth and self-entrepreneurship skills. Targeting cooperative enterprises and also job seekers, employees, emerging professional profiles and people on the labour market, it implements vocational training, support for job placement, professional qualification with a specific attention to disadvantaged groups. It has a specific experience on social inclusion, training of trainers, cooperative education at school, support to digitization processes.

Archilabò is a social cooperative based in Bologna. The fields of intervention in which the cooperative operates are rooted in social inclusion and are divided into the following services: AMPIA specialist learning center dedicated to students with SLD and other SENs, emotional education and contrast to bullying and cyberbullying, strengthening the educational pact among schools, families and social and health services, support for parenting, innovation of educational offer, development of digital skills and media literacy, training of teaching staff, empowerment of educating community and closing the gender gap in STEM field.

The Liceo Fanti is located in Carpi, in the North of Italy and is a Higher Education Institution. Our educational offer "declined into 5 different areas" allows us to develop students’ potential at its best. Our school took advantage of the opportunities offered by the Ministry of Education MIUR, activating over the years different areas of study in response to the new trends and changes of society. The number of students constantly increasing and creating new needs to which our school has responded with a rich and varied planning. Contacts with other schools and international cultural realities (despite the Covid Pandemic) engage all classes in turn. A lively social and economic context in which the Liceo is located, offers numerous contacts and collaborations with institutions, organizations and companies in the area. In addition, numerous Erasmus projects and participation in networks for debate and hackathons allow us, despite the numerous difficulties caused by the pandemic, to keep alive the creative commitment and the acquisition of language skills, fostering critical thinking and resilient and proactive attitudes.


UC Leuven-Limburg is a Higher Education Institution in Flanders. In addition to offering graduate, professional Bachelor’s, and advanced Bachelor’s programmes, the University College hosts eight research centres. Two of these research centres are involved in this project, namely Inclusive Society and Digital Solutions. The Inclusive Society expertise centre is a practice-oriented knowledge and training centre that builds up practical (scientific) expertise in inclusion, participation and diversity. Centred on the know-how on IT & Technology with the purpose of innovation-driven development, the Digital Solutions expertise centre will, for this project, be focusing on the field of Technology Enhanced Learning.


Gimnazija i strukovna škola Bernardina Frankopana is a grammar and vocational secondary school with more than a 100 year educational tradition. Students are offered general education that prepares them well for the university, along with vocational programmes like economics and tourism. It is located in the heart of Croatia, the historical town of Ogulin. Both teachers and students have been involved in various local, national and international projects. The school is also a member of eTwinning, UNESCO ASPNet, European Parliament Ambassador School, Regional Support for Inclusive Education and it is also an e-School. The school promotes an inclusive approach in which employees, students, parents and community members work together to help each student reach their full potential, in an environment where everyone feels welcome, respected and valued and develops competencies that contribute to social cohesion and an inclusive society.


The main purpose of Platon Schools is the holistic approach to the issue of education. The goal is not only to prepare tomorrow's scientists, but to shape souls and infuse young people with the human values and goods of civilization. Platon Schools combine tradition with innovation and through dynamic pioneering European programs aim at shaping citizens with a national conscience and at the same time with European culture, in order to meet the requirements of the modern era. The school provides a comprehensive educational program with modern teaching methods, thanks to which each student acquires a wide range of knowledge, while developing their particular inclinations and skills.


Colegio Huerta Santa Ana is located in Gines, on the outskirts of Seville (Spain). Our educational offer includes students from early childhood education - 3 year-old to compulsory secondary education -16 year-old students. Our pedagogical lines are nourished by the latest innovative currents: creativity, cooperative learning, multiple intelligences, entrepreneurship and openness to other cultures and countries through bilingualism. We are firmly committed to an education in cooperative values ​​based on affection, trust, self-love and sensitivity, promoting the integral development of the person and creating an environment of communication and responsible coexistence.