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The Distance Learning Activities Kit (DLAK), a web-based collection of distance and blended learning activities, covers all the curricular teaching subjects, starting from transversal to all secondary schools paths. They are structured by age ranges, taking into account individual learning needs. The Kit combines practical contents with methodological indications in order to provide teachers with a comprehensive tool.

What is in the Kit?

The Distance Learning Activities Kit features a collection of activities described by European teachers from their daily work experience. In addition to the main description of the activity, in every page you can find the following features highlighted:


Which subject or subjects were involved in this activity.

Age of students

School levels or ages of the students to whom the activities were addressed.


The overall length of the activity: synchronic lectures and individual homework.

Learning resources

Which type of learning materials or resources were used during this activity.


How the learning has been tested in this activity, how tests were submitted.


What type of tools are used during the activity.

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Definitions & useful tools

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