The eTwinning project C.R.E.A.T.E.: a success story!

C.R.E.A.T.E. is the name of the eTwinning project linked to the Erasmus+ project Filling the Gap: Open Educational Resources for supporting teachers in distance learning and carried out by teachers and students from 4 countries (Croatia, Italy, Spain and Greece). 

C.R.E.A.T.E. (Collaborate Readapt Earn/ experiment Always Tangible Exciting experiences) has been implemented with the aim of involving students and teachers, exchanging ideas and interact on the topic of distance learning, and collecting feedback about Filling the Gap project’s outputs (the MOOC on Distance Learning and the Distance Learning Activities Kit).

Led by 8 teachers, it involved 87 pupils who have experimented with new didactic methodologies and tools while interacting with peers from different European countries; all the pupils involved were able to develop a solid sense of awareness of active European citizenship, inclusion, and responsibility. Students collaborated in international teams on issues such as: eSafety and netiquette, disability and distance learning, putting their critical spirit, the ability to research and develop content into play, expanding their cross-cultural awareness, language skills and digital skills.

The activities took place in a gradual and distributed manner throughout the school year, from October to May, ideally fitting into the schedule for the class. The project, in its objectives and contents, was inspired by an interdisciplinary approach as the issues dealt with have links with different study disciplines: history, literature, art history, civics and citizenship.

The objectives of the project were addressed gradually and were achieved in a positive way for most of the students. The objectives set and the activities set up proved to be functional with respect to the expectations and needs of the students. Some of the project results have been used in the Filling the Gap Erasmus+ project as a part of the MOOC intellectual output. 

Thanks to their dedication and care, all the 4 schools involved (Platon MEPE, Liceo Fanti, Bernardin Frankopan School and Colegio Huerta Santa Ana) received the eTwinning quality labels for the project.! This is the reason given by the Italian authority: “C.R.E.A.T.E : collaborate, readapt, earn/experiment always tangible exciting experiences” is an excellent project that has seen the collaboration of secondary schools from four countries: Italy, Greece, Spain and Croatia, on topics that are of transversal interest for pupils: inclusion, citizenship and digital skills, and an interesting reflection on distance learning experienced in these times of health emergency. A strong partnership, because it already existed as part of an Erasmus+ project, which however was able to make the most of all the potential of the eTwinning platform. There are many positive and well-articulated aspects of this project from the excellent curricular integration, to the attention to eSafety, to the creative and effective use of digital tools.


Filling the Gap has been financed by the European Union, Erasmus+ programme within the view of supporting continuous training, developing and strengthening the professional profiles of teachers and educators in particular with regard to Distance learning. 

The project is implementing two outputs: the first one, piloted by University College Leuven Limburg, is a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on distance learning for supporting teachers in planning, delivery and assessment of a high quality distance learning.

The second output, steered by Irecoop ER, is a kit of Distance Learning Activities within the view of providing practical tools to teachers and educators.

The other partners have realized specific modules of the MOOC: Platon and Liceo Fanti on the first module Didactic Planning, Archilabò the modules on OER and inclusion and Thematic focuses on inclusion and psycho-physical wellbeing of teachers and students, Bernardin Frankopan School and Colegio Huerta Santa Ana the module on Evaluation.

So, stay tuned for the next updates on our project website: MOOC and DLAK will be ready very soon!