Come Aboard, We’re Expecting You!


10th and 11th of June

1st TPM of the Erasmus+ Project "Filling the Gap: Open Education Resources for supporting teachers in distance learning"

Huerta Santa Ana School was the host of the 1st meeting of the Erasmus+ “Filling the Gap: Open Education Resources for supporting teachers in distance learning” project, in Gines (Seville), Spain. It was a good opportunity to meet the members of the project! Some of them only could attend the meeting via Zoom: the social cooperative Archilabò and Liceo M. Fanti from Italy, Bernardin Frankopan School from Croatia and the University Leuven-Limburg from Belgium; face to face were the project coordinator Irecoop Emilia Romagna from Italy, Platon School from Greece and the host members of Colegio Huerta Santa Ana in Sevilla (Spain).

Morena Manni – Irecoop Director – took the control, introducing the main project objective, which consists in strengthening teachers technical and methodological skills concerning the use of Open Education resources for digital teaching, sensitive to inclusion practices, with a particular reference to pupils with mild intellectual disabilities. She wisely emphasized the importance of a new, more modern, open and inclusive education.

Thereafter, the partners introduced themselves for the first time, showing their own schools/bodies, and what makes them unique. The presentations also focused on how each of the members and involved countries are dealing with distance education, and on the different projects that are being carried out.

The project will consist of two outputs:

The first one piloted by UCLL will travel through the management and design of a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on distance learning to support teachers in planning, delivery and assessment of a high-quality distance learning.

The second steered by Irecoop will fill our tanks with a kit of distance learning activities within the view of providing practical tools to teachers and educators!

This journey, which will last 20 months from June 2021 to January 2023, will consist of multiple online meetings, in addition to two more transnational meetings.

Our next stop, which will take place in March 2022 in Leuven, will be divided into two lanes; the first lane where the partners will review the work carried out to date, and a second lane (LTTA -Learning and teaching training event), quite interesting, where teachers, from each of the countries represented, will train each other regarding the MOOC structure and its modules contents, to build a team of technical scientific experts, who will be able to tutor the following piloting phase.

To end this first leg, we voted on the different options for the website, as well as the different corporate images that will define our project.
On the second day, the partners covered other important aspects:

On the one hand, Margherita Dalla Casa, Irecoop, led us to the administrative and financial conditions of the project, as well as all the documentation and agreements that the different partners must sign in the coming days and during the project.

For the dissemination of the project, Emma Giurlani from Liceo Fanti and Marijana Smolčec from Bernardin Frankopan School mapped us the different possibilities that E-twinning proposes, so that both teachers and students can actively participate in the Project process.

Zachary Ergish and Ellen Müller (UCLL) share their view of the structure in modules of the MOOC, in which all the educational centers will play a relevant role, both in the preparation of materials for the modules and for their evaluation.

Giacomo Vincenzi (Irecoop) sailed us through of the Distance Learning Activity Kit (DLAK). The collection of data and the terms of the same.

The atmosphere of the first landing makes us be positive, see that the machinery is already greased, and that the gears are taking shape. Our train is already leaving aiming at reaching teachers all over Europe and “Filling the Gap” of their digital skills.