Started last June, Erasmus + project “Filling the Gap: Open Educational Resources for supporting teachers in distance learning” has already tested the active collaboration among all the partners. In these first 5 months they put the bases for the creation of the two main project Outputs – tools to strengthen the skills and to support the teaching activities of secondary school teachers – created the project website and started the parallel activities on eTwinning.

But let’s go in order!

Following an evidence-based approach, and within the view of supporting continuous training, developing and strengthening the professional profiles of teachers and educators in particular with regard to Distance learning, a data collection was administrated to them to identify:

  • input for the structuring of the MOOC on Distance Learning 
  • data and good practices for creating the Distance Learning Activities  Kit (DLAK)

Almost 300 teachers and educators replied to the questionnaire, coming from the 5 partner countries (Italy, Belgium, Spain, Greece, Croatia) and other countries even outside the EU, reached through the eTwinning platform. Thanks to the systematization work carried out by the coordinator of the Output (UCLL), the four partner schools (Platon, Colegio Huerta Santa Ana, Bernardin Frankopan School, Liceo Fanti) and the cooperative Archilabò have just started working at the MOOC contents creation, while Irecoop will deal with the systematization of the activities to be reported in the DLAK.

Meanwhile, the Digital Solutions Research Centre (UCLL) has been working on the project website https://filling-the-gap.eu/, available online in the 5 partner languages plus English. As the work proceeds, the DLAK activities will be accessible from the site, as also the possibility to enrol to the MOOC! Stay tuned!

Finally, thanks to Bernardin Frankopan School and Liceo Fanti, eTwinning labelled schools, the parallel activities on this European platform dedicated to schools have just started. First of all a Twinspace has been created: partner schools students will be involved in exchange activities and joint work with the aim of providing inputs for the structuring of the project Outputs.

Our work to fill  the gap continues!