Module 3: OER

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There is one more final assignment waiting for you:
Choose at least one of the platforms proposed in the last three topics and share your experience or opinions on the forum. You can describe how you adapted the use of the platform to your class, lesson or to assign homework to your students.

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Short description

In this module you will learn practical information about OERs. Starting from how to search online materials within thematic repositories and Google search engine, you will understand how Creative Commons Licences work and to what extent you are allowed to reuse educational resources. Moreover, you will learn how to create your own OERs and how to protect them. Finally you’ll discover how to share OERs you created and make them available to other teachers like you.


You will learn:

  • to select OERs using both Google search engine and thematic repositories
  • to recognize Creative Commons Licenses and to use them correctly
  • to create your own OERs for different subjects, using digital tools and platforms
  • to protect OERs you created using Creative Commons Licences
  • to share and organise your OERs
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Module Includes

  • 4 Lessons
  • 8 Topics
  • 1 Quiz